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Muscle Contraction in the Anterior Leg During
the Gait Cycle


The goal of this project was to work in collaboration with Dr. Judi Laprade, a professor in the Department of Anatomy at the University of Toronto, in order to create an illustration that accurately and simplistically depicted opposing movements in the anterior muscles of the leg. Traditionally, these movements are described via text and a lateral view of the gait cycle; however, students often simply memorize information presented in this format and are unable to apply it to different movements, for example walking up a flight of stairs. The challenge of this project was to depict the necessary movements in a familiar way while encouraging students to actively process the underlying mechanics for future application.


Undergraduate students


Prof. Michael Corrin

Dr. Judi Laprade (content expert)


Adobe Illustrator


Screen (digital)


January 2018

gait, gait cycle, walking, legs, leg muces, anterior, adobe illustrator, track, contractions
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